A. Selim Tuncer
Canan Özsoy
Nilüfer Gülata
Füsun Karadaş
Burak Akıncıoğlu
Fatih Bektaş
İdil Ozman
Kayhan Başpınar
Zeynep Gül
Cüneyt Öztürk
Aykut Taşkın
Kibar Özüt
Esma Güler
Erol Çelik
Hülya Elmacı
Ferdi Kaynayan
Filiz Şarapçıoğlu
Turan Ayata


As creative thinkers and designers, we know that at least one version of every unexpressed meaning or idea still exists.

We are aware that no form or word can ever be designed or presented as a message unless it has a meaning.

Even though sometimes we may follow our creative urges just for ourselves, we do not forget that what we create is a shared work with the audience for the audience; and it’s for them to make sense of.

No previous achievement or existing idea can dishearten us when seeking the “impeccable” and “unique.”

The “impeccable” we dream will always differ to the “impeccable” we create. Attempting to bridge this disparity is part of the creative process.

We believe that reality is not solely defined by its boundaries, and that boundlessness and endlessness can also be comprehended and made intelligible.

For us, no design is ever perfect or final. Yet, we also excel at going along with the mass market’s shared taste.

We address all “Why?” and “How?” questions before expecting anyone else to do it first.

We value having the bravery and willingness to rethink and reconsider everything we know. We believe knowledge is the key to bringing untapped creativity to light. We never step into the darkness without wearing our headlights.

We are not after trickery. We entrust knowledge, creativity, beauty and kindness with the glare of intelligence.

We have witnessed many times that creativity struggles without diverse thought processes.

We are well-acquainted with the allure of “the nice and the beautiful.” Still, “the right and the good” are indispensable for us.

We are aware that you know what to say better than us, and you are aware that we know how to say it best.

We are not concerned with how we are outwardly perceived as artists, but we are interested in all types of artistic expression.

We understand that art is an act of searching for the truth behind the reality and meaning of objects. On the other hand, we create “reality” and “meaning” for objects.

We keep in mind the ways in which our developing technology reshapes us.

We cannot define where the tangible object ends and the intangible imagination begins, a question to which many distinguished people have sought answers for thousands of years.

But we are great at the following:

We adapt this question to your high-quality products and services, spark the “imagination” that already exists in your production processes and actualize the version from your imagination and bring it together with the imagination of other people.

We see the “work” as an “entrustment”. We avoid using our imagination as a tool to express ourselves while keeping in mind that our work also reflects us.

We are fast, but only as required. We would like everyone to know that no creation or design can be brought to life without undergoing a mature process of thinking, devising, conceptualizing. This process should be accepted as part of the work.

The human aspect of every idea must be explored, but no idea can have a perceptual integrity if it’s not based on a strong strategy.

Like everyone, we do our job. But we do an amazing job.